We started a collaboration with Information Without Borders

Last Friday, June 28, we signed a collaboration agreement with Information without Borders , thanks to which the African professionals who interact in our Telemedicine Health 2.0 platform will be able to access quality medical information .

By connecting to the application, you can make a request to Information without Borders, who will carry out the search, facilitating access to information that is often far from your reach due to the bad connection, lack of time or lack of knowledge about how to access this material.

In addition, medical information packs will be developed to support the on-site training our volunteers offer in the field.

In the photograph, Marta Díaz and Carmen Grajal, founding members of the NGO Information without Borders, and Chus de la Fuente, director of Fundación Recover, together with Susana Romao, project technician of Recover, sign the collaboration agreement.

We are starting a new chapter!