Fundació Ordesa Grant (2018)

Fundación Ordesa, an institution which have as their main objective the promotion of the improvement of live conditions, nutrition and child health, has given a total of 48 Ordesa Grant to different entities, in order to encourage their projects related to childhood, in both Spain and developing countries.

Fundación Recover have received one of the Fundación Ordesa Grant for the support program to the “Infrastructure project, to encourage the creation, enlargement or rehabilitation of health facilities and acquisition of medical equipment” in Kpakpame (Benín) with an allocation of 40.000€.

The award ceremony of the Ordesa Grant has taken place in the Royal Academy of Pharmacy of Catalonia, in the presence of the representatives of each of the counterparties selected and it has also counted on the presence of LLuisa Moret, mayoress of Sant Boi de LLobregat, and Isolda Ventura, president of Fundació Ordesa.