Awards granted to Fundación Recover throughout its history, recognizing our work
en distintas áreas para conseguir una salud sostenible y de calidad en África.

VIII Premios Mutualista Solidario

8.000€ para nuestro proyecto de cáncer de cérvix En febrero de 2022 el presidente de la Fundación A.M.A., Diego Murillo, presidió el acto de entrega de los VIII Premios Mutualista Solidario. En Fundación Recover recibimos con ilusión el 3º galardón, valorado en 8.000 euros, que nos permitirá continuar nuestra campaña [...]

Premios Blas Infante: Casares Solidario (2021)

El 3 de julio de 2021 el Ayuntamiento de Casares celebró la gala de entrega de los Premios Blas Infante: Casares Solidario. En Fundación Recover recibimos con ilusión el 3º Accésit, valorado en 8.000 euros, que nos permitirá llevar a cabo el proyecto de sensibilización y cirugías terapéuticas de cáncer [...]

Mención Especial | Premios Voluntades RSE 2021 | Fenín

En Fundación Recover hemos recibido la Mención Especial de los Premios Voluntades RSE 2021 que otorga Fenin gracias a nuestro programa: “Telemedicina: sanidad que conecta”, por ser una iniciativa innovadora en cooperación sanitaria con África, en la que conecta a distancia, de forma permanente, profesionales sanitarios africanos con médicos especialistas [...]

Premio “Involucrados” Tendam 2019

La XIV edición del proyecto #Involucrados de Tendam nos ha permitido participar en sus rastrillos solidarios. Gracias a la venta de prendas de Women'secret, logramos recaudar más de 38.500€ para nuestros proyectos de cáncer de cervix e informatización en Camerún. ¡Gracias por esta maravillosa iniciativa! Y gracias, sin lugar a [...]

Premio Ángel Herrera a la “Solidaridad” (2020)

La Fundación CEU ha otorgado a la Fundación Recover de el premio Ángel Herrera a la “Solidaridad, cooperación al desarrollo y emprendimiento social” en la XXIII edición de este reconocimiento por el proyecto de prevención de cáncer de cérvix en Camerún. Con el desarrollo de este proyecto, cuando termine el [...]

Fundació Ordesa Grant (2018)

Fundación Recover have received one of the Fundación Ordesa Aid for the support program to the “Infrastructure project, to encourage the creation, enlargement or rehabilitation of health facilities and acquisition of medical equipment” in Kpakpame (Benín) with an allocation of 40.000€.

SEN Awards (2018)

The Spanish Society of Neurology (SEN) announces each year the SEN Awards, which involve the recognition of individuals and entities that have carried out activities to promote Neurology in the scientific, institutional or social field. In this edition, Fundación Recover have been awarded with the SEN Award for Epilepsy in its Social Modality.

Premios SEN

Cooperation Grant - AEP Award (2018)

The Spanish Association of Pediatrics (AEP) recognizes the work of Fundación Recover through the concession of one of the Cooperation Scholarships awarded by the entity. The AEP prize will go towards the purchase of medical material for our project to improve maternal and child health in the District of Bouaflé in Côte d'Ivoire.

ABC Solidarity Award (2018)

Fundación Recover has been awarded the second prize of 'Proyecto Solidario' of the ABC awards. These awards recognize the work of social entities to support and promote projects to improve the living conditions of disadvantaged or at risk of exclusion.

Premio ABC solidario Recover 2018

Premio Accenture – AyudánDONOS (2018)

The staff of Accenture have selected a program of Fundación Recover´s, Round Up Your Paycheck, to receive the AyudánDONOS award. This program was born in 2004 and through it, professionals can make monthly donations to social projects. Accenture employees can choose from among all the NGOs with which they collaborate and Recover is the lucky winner for 2018.

Solidary contribution Sabadell Urquijo (2017)

In this edition, Fundación Recover has received 11,000€ for the project "Diabetes: a controllable ghost in Africa", because while diabetes in wealthy countries rarely puts in danger the life of the person affected, in low income countries more than the 80% of the patients die for complications derived from this disease.

Cofares Award – Second Prize (2017)

The jury of the Cofares Foundation Award, composed by the foundation´s board of directors, ruled in favor of Pharmacists Without Borders for its 17th Cofares Award. The other finalists were Fundación Recover and ALAS Gambia, who each received second prize.

Premio GNU – Social Medicine Award (2017)

Bikop Medical Center, one of the centers Recover works with in Cameroon, provides healthcare to more than 12,000 patients per year in rural areas with very few resources. In 2016 we began the implementation of GNU Health and today the medical practices are successfully used in all areas, including family medicine, obstetrics, gynecology, lab services, infectious diseases, nutrition, psychology, nursing, palliative care and epidemiology, among others.

AXA NGO Employee Award (2017)

AXA’s employees have chosen our project “Saving More Women in Cameroon Through Uterine Cancer Prevention” as the winner of their 5th Charity Initiative competition. Thanks to this award, we will be able to save lives through preventative cancer care in Cameroon.

Association of Spanish Foundations Award (2017)

The Association of Spanish Foundations (in Spanish: AEF) has awarded us in the Social Innovation category thanks to our telemedicine program Health 2.0. The purpose of these awards is to recognize the Spanish foundations which best represent the values of the sector.

DKV Medicine and Solidarity Award (2017)

The insurance company DKV chose our telemedicine program Health 2.0 as the winner of the Digital Innovation Award. This is a new category in the Medicine and Solidarity Awards that recognizes projects fostering e-Health innovation from a charitable perspective.

Fundación Mutua Madrileña Grant (2017)

Fundación Recover was named a winner in Fundación Mutua Madrileña´s 5th Open Call for Social Action Projects in the category “cooperation development.” The grant will be used to bring healthcare and school transport to rural communities in Obout, Cameroon.

SaluDigital Magazine Award (2017)

Our project Health 2.0, which provides online support in the diagnosis and treatment of common African illnesses, has been selected by a jury as the Best Telemedicine Project in the 2017 SaluDigital Magazine Awards.

Fundación Anesvad Award (2016)

Our telemedicine project Health 2.0 won first prize in the “Innovate” category at the Fundación Anesvad Awards for being an innovative response to the request of African doctors for assistance in case diagnosis and professional training from Spain. .

Cortefiel´s “Involved” Award (2015)

In 2015 we received Cortefiel´s “Involved” Award for our project “AIDS vs. AIDS.” With this gift of 30,000 euros, we were able to open a specialized HIV unit at Saint Dominique Hospital in Djunang, Cameroon, in order to provide local screening and treatment for this disease.

Cajamar´s 7th Millennium Development Grant (2014)

In 2014 Caja Mar, Caja Rural, awarded 10,000 euros to Fundación Recover´s project entitled “Waste-Free Sangmelima,” an innovative commitment between the foundation and its hospitals. Introduced at Monavebe Hospital in Cameroon, this project aimed to improve on-site waste and water management, therefore creating a safer environment for patients and residents alike. Indeed, this project has been estimated to benefit more than 15,000 Cameroonians.

Lilly NGO Employee Awards (2014)

In 2014 we were one of the organizations recognized at Lilly´s 5th NGO Employee Awards. The prize money, amounting to 5,000 euros, was earmarked for the donation of a blood bank at Centre Médicalisé Catholique Saint Dominique de Djunang, Cameroon. This rural hospital in western Cameroon has been collaborating with Fundación Recover since 2009, when it was practically abandoned.

“Talento Solidario” Award, Fundación Botín (2014)

The project “Teleasistencia Salud 2.0” (Telemedicine Health 2.0) has been recognized by the Fundación Botín in the 5th Edition of its “Charitable Talent Program.” This initiative encourages social organizations to hire highly-qualified job-seekers that can help develop and launch social projects. The Fundación Botín pays their salary for one year, with the possibility of a one-year extension.

Telva “Solidarity” Award (2012)

The magazine Telva, in the 19th edition of their Solidarity Awards, named us the 3rd-place winner in the international category, for our improvement and expansion of Monavebe Hospital in Sangmelimá, Cameroon.

Nature Award (2011)

In 2011, Fundación Recover received the 16th Nature Award for its project “Mother Africa: reduction of the maternity-infant mortality rate in Sangmelima,” which sought to provide basic health coverage to pregnant women and newborns at Sangmelima Hospital in Cameroon.