Ensemble pour un Développement Integrál et des Soins Accessibles

In 2017 we sent a shipment of 3,500 kilograms of medications to Cameroon with a clear objective: to offer more than 3 million people quality medicine at a price they can afford. This initiative was made possible thanks to a donation by Quirónsalud, with the invaluable
assistance of Airfrance.

The 485 packages were sent to EDISA (Ensemble pour le Développement Intégral des Soins Accessibles), a cooperative that supplies medications to Cameroon´s hospitals. This is just one way in which we are helping hospitals to offer valuable medication at a reasonable price, something to which 30% of the world´s population still lacks access.


In 2014 a wholesale purchasing cooperative was formed in Cameroon in order to lower medication prices and ameliorate logistics. Known as EDISA (Ensemble pour le développement intégral des Soins accessibles), it was launched with the support of Fundacion Recover and has been continuing its work ever since.

There are currently 40 congregations involved in EDISA, out of 250 potential members nationwide. Their aim is not to replace the existing market structures (which are also essential to the functioning of Cameroon´s healthcare system), but rather to offer a reliable, affordable alternative service, making pharmaceuticals more accessible. With the aim of reviewing existing protocols and further developing the project, two volunteer specialists were dispatched, in collaboration with Pharmacists Without Borders.