Centre de Santé Catholique de Bikop

Bikop Catholic Mission, made up of a school and health center, is located in the southern jungle and run by the order of the Slaves of Jesus´ Sacred Heart. In 2011 our first collaboration with the center -a dentistry campaign- began.

Moreover, since 2012 it has been connected to Spanish medical volunteers through the program Healthcare 2.0. In 2016, in addition to strengthening our collaboration, we began tackling the issue of medical record computerization as a means of improving efficiency.

This initiative is the product of a strategic collaboration with the Spanish NGO GNU Solidario, the creators of free hospital management software (GNU Health) that has been adopted by the University of the United Nations. On June 28th we launched this new system, with hopes of a fruitful future. With this move, we kick off a new era in Bikop, after which we´ll move on to other medical centers, always hand-in-hand with GNU.