Centre Médical Catholique de Nkolondom

Location: Yaoundé, Cameroon

Counterpart: Sisters of San Jose of Girona

Period of implementation: from 2011 to present

Project: When this collaboration began, the Sisters were building a maternity ward and an HIV/AIDS treatment center in Yaoundé. The goal was to treat vertical transmission (under the DREAM program directives) in order to prevent virus-carrying mothers from infecting their babies during their pregnancy or lactation period.

The DREAM program is a global approach to AIDS treatment, combining prevention and pharmacological treatment, and has yielded excellent results. In 2015 we donated two Doppler screening devices to the hospital´s prenatal department, and a new microscope to the lab. Since 2016 our collaboration has continued, including the gift of a delivery table and 6 cradles for the maternity department. And, in 2017, with a tension regulator for CD4 machine (HIV-UPEC service).