Centre Hospitalier Dominicain Saint Martin de Porres

Located in Mvog Betsi, an outskirt of Cameroon´s capital and second most populated city, this center is run by a congregation of Dominican nuns and has been supported since the beginning by Fundacion Recover.

Saint Martin de Porres is currently experiencing a period of great consolidation at both the medical and managerial levels, and serves as a national reference hospital. It has grown from treating 4,287 patients per years to 45,433 in 2017, and has increased its workforce to 163 employees.

Moreover, its growth has allowed us to undertake such advanced health projects as cervical cancer detection campaigns, services against the stigma of HIV or a specialized unit for diabetes, a silent disease.


“Up until now, in the rural areas of Cameroon, the norm is to see women taking their children to the doctor. However, in the capital Yaounde, young men are daring to break the tradition that relegates childcare to their mothers.

A lot has to do with this small social evolution, San Martin de Porres Hospital, which began its path 10 years ago and by now is a reference center for the country. This hospital, which stands where once was only jungle, has become a revitalizing motor for the neighborhood which has sprung up around it. San Martin de Porres wouldn´t be what it is ithout all of the support Recover has provided since the beginning. Indeed, the two could be considered inseparable.”

Chema Caballero • Writer, volunteer, and Africa expert