We fight against COVID-19 in Africa

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Ya hemos invertido los primeros 90.000€ recaudados en 31 centros médicos de África subsahariana: ¡sigamos sumando!

Material sanitario y de protección en 24 centros de Camerún, 4 de Costa de Marfil, 2 de RD Congo y 1 de Chad:

  • Mascarillas: 39.500 unidades
  • Guantes: 92.200 unidades
  • Test: 5.300 unidades
  • Cubrezapatos y botas: 2.300 unidades
  • Batas: 522 unidades
  • Gafas y pantallas: 200 unidades
  • Termómetros: 67 unidades
  • Medicación: 19.000€
  • Gel hidroalcohólico y otros desinfectantes: 10.000€
  • Otros materiales: 5.104€
  • Agrícola: 1.974€

Material de sensibilización dirigido a centros y a la población:

  • Home care health guidelines and procedures: we will send home care guidelines and procedures adapted to Sub-Saharan Africa to deal with new cases
  • Information aimed at health workers:we will send information about how to deal with new patients arriving at health centres
  • Preventative measures aimed at the community:communication via megaphone within neighbourhoods in South-Cameroon to prevent the spread of the virus.
  • Support from Spain to Africa via telemedicine:diagnostic orientation about possible COVID-19 infections in African clinics, guidelines, and procedures on usage of COVID-19 tests, guidelines and procedures on health centres cleaning and guidelines and procedures on how to make hand sanitizer gel.

The measures to stop the spread of COVID-19 have changed our lives drastically. But this new reality should not stop us from looking beyond our borders. We must not forget about Africa.

While it is too early to quantify the damage that COVID-19 will cause in Africa, we know that Africa has limited capacity ( lack of medical supplies, insufficient health infrastructures, limited drinking water access ) to mitigate the effects of the virus.

We will fight against COVID-19 by purchasing medical supplies such as facemasks, gloves, test or medication. We will also inform the African community on how to protect themselves against it.

Por eso, a ti que te preocupas por el futuro del continente…


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