This program began in 2008 with our first professional training grant. Since then, we have financed the studies of more than 70 African professionals, with a direct investment of 159,000 euros. But clearly, to this figure we must add the knowledge, materials and time invested by the medical professionals that contribute all their energy and efforts to training their African counterparts. Thanks to them, we estimate the overall investment in this program to exceed a value of over 300,000 euros.

Although the training was initially carried out in European hospitals, financing for training within Africa has increased in recent years. Our strategy is to increase the training offer in the beneficiaries' countries of origin (or a neighboring one), something which proves to be advantageous on several levels. First, the trainee does not have to travel a long distance, thereby reducing the impact on his personal and professional life. Plus, he or she can complete their course or internship in an environment better adapted to the socioeconomic and cultural realities of their country of origin.

Nevertheless, training in European universities is equally important. Not only does it raise awareness about the importance of international healthcare cooperation in Europe, but also lends an aspirational and motivational side, certainly not insignificant when dealing with training in prestigious European universities.


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