II Informe Recover – Sistema educativo y formación sanitaria en Benín, Camerún y C.Marfil

Download the II Recover Report on education in Africa

At Fundación Recover, Hospitals for Africa, we believe that the professionalization of local staff is one of the development tools with the most long-term impacts. However, in order to achieve effective development, training can not occur in isolation, but with the support of resources and grassroots structures.

This is why our strategy is to work with health care centers in an integral way, reinforcing their infrastructures, equipping them with the relevant tools, and promoting training and scientific exchange among specialists.

In this context, the creation of this report arises from the need to group relevant education indicators of each country, in order to improve the training actions that we develop together with our partners and contributing to the achievement of SDGs 3 and 4. Problems as complex as access to education or health have to be widely analyzed and dissected, and the first step is to have a solid collection of information.