The IV race 100km x Africa has 3 raffle winners!

Last weekend, on June 8th, we celebrated the fourth year of our race Solidaria 100km x África, an initiative that had 6 teams with a total of more than 60 participants. The objective? Raise 6,000€ to train professionals in Sub-Saharan Africa. Donations are still open... So you can still contribute to their great effort!

In addition, we organized two raffles. The first of them, for those runners who not only gave their steps in solidarity, but also sought to give visibility in their social networks. The two lucky ones are Twitter users @ azalkmaar67 and @ newyork_1898 . The prize is an activity bracelet with Pulsometer At700 Prixton: congratulations!

The second raffle came with our photocall, where participants could take photos before the start of the race. And the winner of a digital picture frame, who had the most likes on our social media, were the three runners Poli, Juan y Pablo: congratulations!

Thank you to everyone for participating and for helping us keep working so that the place in which we are born does not determine the health we are going to have. Until next year!

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