DKV Medicine and Solidarity Award (2017)

The insurance company DKV chose our telemedicine program Health 2.0 as the winner of the Digital Innovation Award. This is a new category in the Medicine and Solidarity Awards that recognizes projects fostering e-Health innovation from a charitable perspective. Telemedicine Health 2.0 . Medicine and Solidarity Awards .

The aim of the DKV Medicine and Solidarity Awards is to recognize and reward those anonymous people and entities in the healthcare sector dedicated to charity work, helping to change the world. This 4th edition was held in the Pignatelli de Zaragoza building and was atended by more than 200 guests, including notable figures in Zaragoza´s health industry.

The awards, amounting to 10,000 euros, are an homage to the most charity-minded health professionals – the financial and media support that can help them continue moving forward and serving as tools for transformation of the health industry.