The key success factor


Behind this data is a group of outstanding dedicated professionals who wish to change things and bring health to those in need in Africa, working on a team where everyone, whether Spanish or African, benefits by having a chance to learn new things every day. This is our key to success.


E-health, also in Africa


Launched in 2013, our telemedicine program Healthcare 2.0 virtually connects African health professionals with Spanish volunteer-specialists offering their expertise through a scientific social network. It is an innovative solution for African doctors who request assistance with the diagnoses of complex cases.

The project began in Cameroon. However, due to the great interest and commitment of the healthcare community on the one hand and re-hiring of our invaluable project manager for Telemedicin Health Program on the other, we have since started to expand the program to reach out to a greater number of hospitals and doctors in other countries throughout Africa.

Having used the same platform since 2013, 2017 presented us with an unexpected and complex challenge: the end-of-year closure of Medting, the scientific social network that we were using to connect volunteer African and Spanish doctors via the Internet. Nevertheless, the positive results of this initiative, through which more than 1,000 cases have been solved, demonstrated that it has a great potential and must continue. That´s why we decided to switch to a new platform, already in use, called Sparkspace and owned by the Company Divisa IT.